Damn, I always excited when I get a shout out on the Legally Disrupted newsletter! Re tech bros, Josh Browder is one, Mike Solana is another. https://twitter.com/micsolana/status/1622957974846308355 There are also others that randomly pop up on my TL or quote tweeted one of those two. Your takes based on what I've seen are probably more similar to the tech bros, but I sense you've got more nuance since you're from our world.

Btw if any of you want to read more about my views on AI & the law, sales, and legal startups, you should check out my Substack. https://www.alexofftherecord.com/

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I think you already know I'm a subscriber to Off the Record ;-)

You're talking about two people though (one of whom seems like the SBF of legaltech). The impression I've gotten from some of the memes (and not just yours btw) is that this is a pervasive tech bro view. My TL seems filled with people trying to make the argument that GenAI is no different than all of the other AI tools that preceded it, that the legaltech tools we have already were just fine (the problem is lawyer adoption) or that templates are better than AI.

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